I've had a thorough education in graphic techniques, the illustration-class I was in at the Royal Academy in 's Hertogenbosch was very much artbased and rather old-fashioned. In my last year the revolutionaries marched in and a clash of  personalities and opinions erupted upon us students. The defeat of the Daumier-, Steinlen- and de Lautrec- lovers was to be expected. But I had had three  years of old-fashioned training in etching, woodblock and other techniques. Even at that early stage I was never satisfied with doing things the way they were supposed to be done. For me the graphic techniques offer a walhalla of possibilities. Develop a positive and : hey! why not try to print it negative?  Print it without ink, with a lot of different colours or with ink in the lines and give the higher parts bodycolour with an inkroll. Acid, fretsaw, sanding paper, all kinds of drawing materials. After almost 30 years ( !) I still haven't tried it all. The advantage of all the knowledge I accumulated and the mistakes that I have made is that I have a hunch where to look when I want to achieve certain results.

The first activity I took upon me after my graduation was not the development of a portfolio and present myself to possible clients, but to lock myself up in my studio with a a load of used zinc and an etching press and do all the things that were forbidden in the academy-studios. The graphic techniques came first, for some years painting took over, but now the two disciplies go alongside.

On this page I will give information about editions I made, about technique, availability and prices. And also when  it's relevant about the ideas behind them.



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