“In the Peasant Dance- and Dance of Death-series the element that immediately catches the eye, apart from the dancing people and skeletons, are the snapshots. Painted in a more ‘real’ fashion than the people to whose clothing they seem attached.

Many painters and other artists use photographic material but not many incorporate them in the finished artwork.

I wanted to paint them in their own peculiarity, little pieces of paper, cardboard or poly-ethylene with their own feel and history. Snapshots in the way they are found in every family and in everyone’s home, pictures of children, parents, grandparents and ancestors. Like them, like us, these little items, charged with feelings, age, each in its own way. Chance, chemistry and the way of keeping them leaves its trace. Pictures that have been kept in albums differ from those that have changed hands regularly, or, in a poetic fashion, were kept close to the heart.







































































some fragments from the paintings



Dance of Death