In preparation for new work I've always made lots of drawings. Around the major themes in my work there are large groups of sketches and more finished drawings.

Sometimes the drawings are combined and form an autonomous artwork. The main one being the group of 844 drawings I made in the course of the Stijn says Hey-project, but there are other series like "Inferno" that focuses on the waves of African immigrants arriving on European shores and the "NL-series in Red-White-Blue and Orange" where I research the influence of the internet on 'new politics'.

"The Other" is a more loosely grouped series of drawings that focus on the faces of people in pain, mostly they are based on photographs of victims of terrorism. In the group you find Israeli, but also Spanish and Iraqi people.

During the work on Heroic Nudity and Grandes Machines I've studied the figure by posing for the camera and using my own photographs and press-material in new combinations.

Since the Stijn says Hey project I've used drawing as a way of reaching out to people. I think art should not only be made in the tranquility of the studio but also in the public domain. I think it offers wonderful possibilities. For the project I did together with Anouk Bax for the Museum van Bommel van Dam we invited people to participate in an experiment to draw on touch. It proved to be a very intense, hilarious and also at times emotional experience for all participants.

For the project "Kom je in mijn schilderij?", also for the Museum van Bommel van Dam I asked visitors of the museum  to pose for me, and invited them to bring me a print of their pose. During the 20 minutes I needed to make a drawing based on this print,  I invited them to come and sit at my table. It was a very nice opportunity to talk, ask and learn.

For the Drawing Center Diepenheim I asked people to send me images of persons or other living beings, but also of things they love. This led to a group of colored drawings on black paper. Lucky Dip Diepenheim.

I documented the final show of Dutch artists initiative Lokaal 01 in 63 drawings, a re-enactment of a project I did for them 18 years ago. The drawings were made into a book called  'Einde'.


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