Heroic Nudity is a term I found in Kenneth Clarke’s book The Nude.

Heroic Nudity is a concept to describe the use of nudity in classical sculpture to indicate that a sculpture’s apparantly mortal human subject is in fact a hero or semi-divine being.

So what does this say? That nudity is so special that it signifies the difference between us clothed mortals and the ever-living superhero-gods? That when we are in the nude, we are actually just naked, without clothes?

And how does this concept conflict with the use of nudity in the Abu Ghraib pictures? Where it is inflicted upon prisoners in order to humiliate and debase them?

I dont know whether other people have the same dream in which I find myself naked amongst clothed people and think, just don't mention it, they’ll never notice.

The pictures might be uneasy to look at. They were meant to be that way. I wish to allure and challenge the viewer through the beauty of paint.

Heroic Nudity