This picture is called 'Sorgeloos" ,  the 'subtitle 'Voortgedreven door Poeur  en de mond stijf gesloten voor het kaasje met prinsenvlaggetje dat Armoede hem wil voeren gaat Sorgeloos voort op zijn weg'.

The image is based on a print of the prodigal son which I reworked into this painting of 250 x 200 cms. The prodigal son in the print has a label which calls him Sorgeloos, what can be translated as worry- or careless. The Poeur-figure in my painting has the visual characteristics of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. His style of governing is more a kind of company-management without any trace of visionary or idealistic principles. So I associated the term Poeur with the French 'peur' and the English 'poor', later I learned that Poeur stands for 'power', but I decided to use it anyway in my interpretation of the word. The little man bothering the big artist ( that's me in the role of Sorgeloos) is labeled 'Armoede', and that is the Dutch word for poverty. His face is modelled on that of the party-ideologue of the right wing PVV-party Martin Bosman, a man known for his hatred of anything cultural and international. Artists in particular .The cheese he tries to feed Sorgeloos is decorated with a little flag. The PVV likes to flash this orange-white-blue "prinsenvlag" as a reminder of Dutch national greatness, a time when Holland was culturally homogenous and free of foreign defilement. Sorgeloos presses his lips together and continues on his chosen path unbothered.

Sorgeloos, 250 x 200 cm, acrylic-  and oilpaint on linnen, 2014











This painting is called  'Orgien-Mysterien-Theater-NL', and it is based on a documentary picture of one of Herman Nitsch's theatrical events which he named  Orgien-Mysterien-Theater. In my version an artist is being crucified and mistreated by faceless people wearing masks of PVV-leader Geert Wilders,  In one of the etchings in the Grim 2 series(editions)you see four persons wearing a big Wilders-mask.  The header reads 'The Voice of Holland" and the subtitle "our kind of democracy, we speak with one voice".

60 x 70 cm, oilpaint on linnen, 2014




















Re-Move, a small painting 50 x 40 cm's, 2012





























The seven deadly sins, a copy after a painting by Otto Dix












The Sad Pierrot ( after Baron Ensor), based on a painting by James Ensor. Political figures from the first extreme right-wing tolerated ( gedoogd) Dutch government ridicule a pierrot. ( 2012)





















Sorgeloos and the sad Pierrot