stijn zegt hey

As an artist I’m used to a certain process. I work in solitude for an amount of time to create a new group of paintings. Then I show the works somewhere and hope that people will tell me what they think about them. Mostly they ask what I mean by what I show, so the ball is in my court again. Or they use a platitude like ‘interesting’.

By visiting popconcerts and seeing the direct interaction between bands and their audience, I began to think that I would like to have this interaction as well. Part of what has made this project so very satisfying is that on a daily basis  people told me their opinion about my work and sometimes they went beyond that and explained in-depth.

Besides that, being an artist can mean that your work reaches only a small group of people through the galleries, artist initiatives and museums. On the Hyves network however, I communicated with a new audience through my drawings. It enabled me to have friends in all cities and towns, not only in the big cultural centers. People aged from 8 to 70, with different cultural and social backgrounds.

I was surprised by the open- and friendliness I encountered during the two years I was active on the Hyves-platform, sometimes the boundaries between virtual and real friendship became very thin. The three days in the van Abbe-museum, where about a hundred of my virtual friends showed up were absolutely wonderful and I think back on that occasion with warm feelings.