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I started my project on Hyves in May 2008. Hyves is a social networking tool like facebook, friendster and linkedin.

I asked people, initially unknown to me, to be my friend. If they accepted and added me to their group of friends, I was allowed to see the photographs in their profile. From these I picked one.

I then copied this photo with brushes and ink. After the drawing was finished, I made a digital image of it, which I posted on my own profile. Then I gave notice to my friend that his or her drawing was done. All drawings combined with the reactions and comments form one large work of art.

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Saturday July 7 2012 05:51 PM

The drawings for the Stijn says Hey-project are on show at the Drawing Centre Diepenheim, together with two other series. You can visit the Centre all summer until the 2nd of september. http://www.kunstvereniging.nl/

The results of my new interactive project for members of the Kunstvereniging Diepenheim will be on view the 8th of July only, in Herberg de Pol in Diepenheim. There I will talk with curator Arno Kramer and participants in the project.  After the meeting the drawings will be donated to the Kunstvereniging Diepenheim and will be sold to help fund the Kunstvereniging.  The collection as a whole can be viewed on:  http://www.facebook.com/LuckyDipDiepenheim 11-07-2012 The sale was a big succes, 25 of 29 drawings were sold.

Michiel Morel wrote a text about my work ( it's in Dutch) about Eindhoven and puts me alongside artists Hans Biezen, René Daniels and Piet Dirckx.  Onder de rook van Van Abbe (2): Piet Dirkx en Stijn Peeters in E’ven | Michiel Morel www.michielmorel.nl


Coming show."Show yourself: Going to the Etch": Kampen, Koornmarktpoort ( 15-09)

In August will participate in a groupshow of ( former) students and teachers of AKV/StJoost . The Academy celebrates its' 200 year  jubilee with a show in the location of the former SM 'S building as one of the many festivities.

16 September till 14th of October, the group-show "Betrekkingen"( Relations), Pand Paulus, Schiedam.

I've added new content and two new pages, Drawings and Editions, hope you like them!