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I started my project on Hyves in May 2008. Hyves is a social networking tool like facebook, friendster and linkedin.

I asked people, initially unknown to me, to be my friend. If they accepted and added me to their group of friends, I was allowed to see the photographs in their profile. From these I picked one.

I then copied this photo with brushes and ink. After the drawing was finished, I made a digital image of it, which I posted on my own profile. Then I gave notice to my friend that his or her drawing was done. All drawings combined with the reactions and comments form one large work of art.

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Sunday April 29 2012 07:52 PM

I've added new content and two new pages, Drawings and Editions, hope you like them!

"Show yourself: Going to the Etch": 'sHertogenbosch, het Kruithuis ( 22-04) and later on to Kampen, Koornmarktpoort ( 15-09)

On the 26th of May I will have a solo-show in the Drawing Centre Diepenheim, the work on the catalogue is progressing smoothly and I'm looking forward to this printed document. It's been a while, since the last catalogue was made in 2003!

Working on a new interactive project for Diepenheim

Michiel Morel wrote a text about my work ( it's in Dutch) about Eindhoven and puts me alongside artists Hans Biezen, René Daniels and Piet Dirckx.  Onder de rook van Van Abbe (2): Piet Dirkx en Stijn Peeters in E’ven | Michiel Morel


16 September till 14th of October, the group-show "Betrekkingen"( Relations), Pand Paulus, Schiedam.