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I started my project on Hyves in May 2008. Hyves is a social networking tool like facebook, friendster and linkedin.

I asked people, initially unknown to me, to be my friend. If they accepted and added me to their group of friends, I was allowed to see the photographs in their profile. From these I picked one.

I then copied this photo with brushes and ink. After the drawing was finished, I made a digital image of it, which I posted on my own profile. Then I gave notice to my friend that his or her drawing was done. All drawings combined with the reactions and comments form one large work of art.

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Wednesday March 3 2010 10:20 PM

In the past two months I have been working on a new group of paintings. The theme is "the world turned upside down".  I'm excited about a couple of works but still unsure about them being 'finished', when I'm sure that they are I'll post them on this website. In the meantime you might want to look at the things I posted on my Facebook account ( under my own name) and on Youtube ( accountname  fulloffolly)